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I’ve loved you in the heavens
And in the underworld below
We’ve come so far together
We’ve still so far to go
This life is meant for loving
Keep this always near your heart
We’ve still to find each other
And we’ve never been apart

Life is
Only for love
And time is
Only that we may find

When I look into your golden heart
I see you never choose to hide
And I half remember another life
And I remember the child inside
In the moment that I first saw you
Then I found my kindred soul
And it’s taken me half of forever
To feel I might be coming home

If I could express the inexpressible
Be less certain, I’d have more faith
If I could finally paint my masterpiece
If I could just gaze upon your face
If I could really tell my truth
If I could really sing my song
I’d know that lovers don’t finally meet somewhere
They’re in each other all along

I so want to know you
Know who you are
The jewels in your darkness
The signs in your stars
You and I my love
We’ve come a long way
On a road far less travelled
On the wheels of our fate

Mika Halonen The Secrets of the Forests and video by me Enjoy & Share

Ajatuksia ja aforismeja vuonna 2006 tai 2007 aloitetussa kirjassa:IMG_3597

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Just purchased her new book Starring you-  A Self-Love Guide
by Krista Raisa PHD and ready to read it a bit too soon.




Lukemassa David Wilcockin Lähdekenttä kirjaa. Mainiosti tietoa 612 sivun verran.


kir-lahdekentta lähdekenttä

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